Saturday, March 12, 2011

USA Passport Renewal

Renew by Mail if All of the Following are True:

Your Most Recent U.S. Passport:

check image Is undamaged and can be submitted with your application
 Was issued when you were age 16 or older
 Was issued within the last 15 years
 Was issued in your current name or you can legally document your name change

If any of the above statements do not apply to you, you must Apply in Person

A Note on the U.S. Passport Card:

If you are a previous passport book holder and you are eligible to use Form DS-82, you may apply for a passport card as a renewal by mail - even if it is your first passport card!

How to Renew Your U.S. Passport by Mail:

  • From Inside the United States:

    To renew your U.S. Passport by mail, you must submit Form DS-82, Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail. Locate Form DS-82 and step-by-step instructions at Form DS-82: Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail.

    How long will it take to process your passport application?


    • If your most recent U.S. passport has been mutilated, altered or damaged, you cannot apply by mail - you must Apply in Person.
    • We strongly encourage you to mail your passport application and any personal documents using a traceable delivery method.
    • In order to protect the contents of your mailing from the elements throughout the delivery process, we strongly encourage you to mail your passport application and any personal documents using a secure means of packaging, such as a Tyvek envelope.
    • Passports renewed by mail in the United States may only be mailed to United States and Canadian addresses.
    • If you are behind in child support payments, you may not be able to get a passport (See Child Support).
  • From Outside the United States:

    U.S. citizens residing abroad (except those living in Canada) should renew their passports at the nearest U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate.

    U.S. citizens residing in Canada may submit Form DS-82: Application for U.S. Passport by Mail to the address listed on the form.


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